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The Best MBA Programs of 2021

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Despite the challenges of COVID over the past two years, MBA courses continued to be very popular in 2021.

Here I have listed out the best MBA programs of 2021 and used the following criteria to inform my rankings: program features, employment success after graduation, and graduates’ median salaries.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the best MBA programs of 2021:

1. Stanford Graduate School of Business, US:

Stanford Graduate School of Business is considered the Gold Standard in terms of MBA programs, especially with its considerably low acceptance rate and high employment rates after graduation. What is more, this private university has a collection of decorated faculty and a multitude of close links with Silicon Valley firms, which graduates are known to benefit from.

This MBA program is a well-reputed two-year full time course that also offers dual degree programs such as MBA/JD, MBA/MD (International Studies) and MBA/MD, MBA/MPP, MBA/MS (Computer Science) and MBA/MSE (Electrical Engineering).

The University also fiercely promotes participation in its global experience programs, such as the GMIX event (Global Management Immersion Experience), global seminars and study trips. Stanford also offers the Stanford-Tsinghua Exchange Program: a collaboration with Tsinghua University of China. Stanford’s high bar for excellence has earned it accolades for decades, and 2021 was no different. Click here to learn more about the program.

2. The Wharton School MBA Program, US:

Philadelphia’s Wharton School (Penn) offers a robust MBA program with its 20 month course, which also includes a recommended 3.5 month-long summer internship. The program also offers a wide array of dual-degree of options, including but not limited to MBA/MD, MBA/JD, MBA/M. Arch, MBA/MPP (Public Policy), and the first ever MBA/MA (International Studies).

Graduates of Wharton’s MBA program are regularly employed in high positions in companies such as McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, and the Boston Consulting Group, with a median salary of USD 125,000. The Wharton School is considered the cream of the crop for MBA programs, second only to Stanford’s MBA program by a paltry margin. More info here.

3. HEC Paris MBA, France:

HEC Paris is home to one of France’s premier full-time MBA courses. This program is well sought after all round the world, thanks to its location, refined curriculum, and 16-month course model. Students can find specialisations in International Management and Business while obtaining their MBA. The course’s 16 months are also interspersed with unique hands-on opportunities including the MBA Tournament, the HEC Seed Annual Pitch Competition and events at the Career Center.

HEC Paris also has close connections to top company recruiters. including Amazon, Schneider Electric, Deloitte and L’Oréal. HEC stands out remarkably as Europe’s top MBA program. You can find more information about the program here.

4. London Business School’s Executive MBA Program, UK:

LBS’s Executive MBA program is a great choice for people with an aim to gain an edge amongst their peers across the globe. The program is divided across two streams and campus sites. Students may choose to specialise in Finance at London, or Negotiation in Dubai.

Both programs take place over 20 months, helping students to work one their leadership and practical skills. The program also hosts interactive and collaborative sessions across its two campuses for a more immersive experience. An international reach and great adaptability during the pandemic proves why the London Business School has one of the best MBA programs around. Learn more here.

5. INSEAD’s Accelerated MBA Program, France:

INSEAD in France offers an accelerated 10-Month MBA program that aims to deliver a comprehensive course in half the time (as compared to other premier institutions). It also boasts an ever-evolving curriculum supported through online content and a global approach to content innovation.

With a post-graduation employment rate of 92%, students from over 90 countries and three campuses situated in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, INSEAD’s program is well worth mentioning for its merits and a worthy program to close out this list. Click here to learn more.

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