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MBA in the UK: What Do Programs Offer?

The United Kingdom is a popular destination for MBA students worldwide. Let’s take a look at what MBAs in the UK have to offer.

Though the United States invented the MBA, the United Kingdom has made many valuable contributions since the creation of the first UK business schools in the 1960s. To this day, the United Kingdom boasts one of the world’s largest economies through which the country’s 131 B-schools remain committed to providing opportunities to intern, network, and learn from the many national and multinational corporations that reside there. So what specifically sets a UK MBA apart?

Program Structure

The UK MBA model is distinct in that a traditional, residential MBA program runs for twelve months, instead of the standard two years found in the United States. Top twelve month programs include Oxford’s Saïd Business School, the Warwick Business School, and Cambridge’s Judge Business School. This intensive model provides a mixture of core courses such as Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, and Strategy, alongside electives that allow students to fine-tune their degrees to fit their interests and career goals.

Return on Investment

UK MBA degrees are usually cheaper than US-based programs, with total tuition falling within the £23,000 – £90,000 range. With lower tuition and less time dedicated to full-time study, UK MBA students can earn their degrees and enter the workforce in a higher income bracket in less time than is required by US universities. With the mean UK MBA salary sitting at USD $112,000, UK grads make less than their American counterparts, who earn USD $138,000 on average. However, it is important to remember that the UK has a lower cost of living and greater access to social services than the USA, which also influences the real value of a salary.

International Orientation

A key advantage of UK-based B-schools is their global orientation and their receptiveness to international students. In fact, over half of all MBA students in UK institutions come from overseas, with sizable percentages coming from China and India. All of the top ten B-schools in the United Kingdom feature globally oriented programs that emphasize intercultural communication, language education, international consulting projects, study abroad programs, and/or international workshops.

Though many international students return to their home countries upon completion of their degrees, others set roots in their new homes, staying in the UK to live and work. One of the advantages of a UK MBA is that the United Kingdom’s immigration system allows for a direct route to residency, and eventually citizenship. For more information on sticking around after graduation, check out our article Visas For After Graduation: What International Students Need to Know.

Final Thoughts

Between the UK’s accelerated program structure, customizable curriculum, high post-graduate salary, and global outlook, B-schools in the United Kingdom have much to offer. If you’re interested in learning more about MBA degrees, check out some of Crimson’s free resources. You can also schedule a conversation with one of our advisors to help you prepare your applications and select the perfect B-schools for your needs.

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