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How Is COVID-19 Affecting the MBA Application Process?

Covid-19 has indeed caused a global crisis, and no industry has been left unaffected by the pandemic. However, students, specifically, have taken on an incredible burden during this time.

With the challenges of conducting classes and examinations during the pandemic, many students are left with backlogs, and some degree programs have been postponed. Moreover, students are left with fewer resources to support them in their applications to colleges.

For business school admission in particular, applicants need to take competitive examinations like the GMAT/GRE/OMETs. Beyond that, campus visits, interviews, and in-person networking opportunities during the application process have become harder to come by. However, in the Covid-19 climate, some business schools have waived test requirements, and interviews have moved online.

If you’re considering applying internationally, keep in mind the global backlog of visa applications and the restrictions on travel.

Read on to find answers to some of the most common questions you might have concerning the MBA application process and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tests and Exams:

Conducting examinations has become more challenging and difficult than ever. GMAT and GRE tests have been postponed numerous times due to the pandemic. Many testing options have moved online.

Interview Process:

Covid-19 has also affected how interviews are conducted during the MBA application process. In-person, face-to-face interviews allowed the students to showcase their presence, talents, and personality to the admissions officer. Interviews also gave applicants the opportunity to meet one another and connect. With online interviews, it’s crucial to prepare for technological mishaps, secure reliable internet connection, and practice to make sure you present yourself as best as possible.

Final Words:

Many things have changed in the MBA Application Process over the last two years. Most have become virtual, and students have to be more actively online to get through the process and find their way into their dream business school.

Nonetheless, while Covid-19 has affected the MBA Application Process, it hasn’t hindered the opportunities for students. With adjustments, applicants still can achieve admission to their dream schools.

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