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Best MBA Programs in Latin America

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

When we think of the best B-schools, we often look to Europe and the United States without giving a second thought to other parts of the world. But there are many great and affordable options all across Central and South America. If you want to work in Latin American markets, hone your language skills, and have a multicultural experience, read on to learn about some of the best MBA programs in the region.

Why Latin America?

Latin America is a perfect place for students looking for alternatives to a traditional MBA education. As Latin American markets expand into tech-based sectors, capital cities like Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, and São Paulo provide many opportunities for digitally-oriented startups. A Latin American MBA is also a budget-friendly option, with mean tuition at less than half the global average, coupled with a cost of living below that of Europe and the USA. Finally, the region is one of the world’s most diverse, with each country boasting its own unique mixture of cultures and dialects. With over 448 languages, Latin America is full of opportunities to learn something new.

EGADE Business School

The EGADE Business School in Monterrey, Mexico sits at the top of the rankings in Latin America. Their MBA degree follows a unique 18-month model— longer than the UK model, but shorter than the US— with bilingual courses and a global outlook. The EGADE Business School also teaches dual degree programs through other international B-schools. Additionally, the school offers Executive MBA degrees, PhDs in Management, and online/hybrid MBA options.

INCAE Business School

The INCAE Business School, located in Alajuela, Costa Rica is consistently ranked among the top Latin American B-schools. Here, the fifteen-month MBA curriculum is divided into two parts. The first half focuses on general management skills. The second half allows for students to dive deeply into their specializations, culminating in a management consultation project in the United States, Latin America, or Europe. The majority of classes are taught in Spanish, so Spanish-language skills are a must.

For those seeking a truly international experience, INCAE also offers a Global MBA. These courses are taught primarily in English, but also include Basic and Executive Spanish instruction in order to develop bilingual skills through education and practice. The Global MBA features a dual-degree program in which students can earn a second degree through institutions such as Yale, the University of Michigan, and the MIT Global Scale Network. Students have the opportunity to visit Silicon Valley and to travel to as many as four different countries during their enrollment.

Universidad de Palermo

Students who want to head further south should check out Argentina’s Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires. This top-four Latin American MBA program has been named the number one school in the region for international students and is a gold medalist in the Wharton School of Business’s Reimagine Education Awards to boot. The Universidad de Palermo’s 1-2 year MBA program consists of 16 classes that address the fundamentals of HR administration, marketing, finance, ethics, and corporate governance, as well as elective courses like Information Systems, University Management, Startups, and Digital Marketing. The program also requires 40 workshop hours, the analysis of Harvard Business School case studies, a second-year capstone, and a final project. Universidad de Palermo features study abroad options at NYU’s Stern School of Business, the FIA Business School in São Paulo, Brazil, and Babson College in Massachusetts. This flexible MBA can be completed online or as a hybrid online/in-person degree.

FIA Business School

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, the FIA Business School is consistently ranked as the top business school in Brazil and among the best in Latin America. Located in the financial center of South America’s largest economy, this institution gives students the chance to collaborate with and learn from business leaders in Brazil, Latin America, and worldwide. Online and in-person MBA programs are available in 14 areas, including an 18-month International MBA program with an English-language curriculum where students will have the chance to collaborate with Berkley and Stanford faculty, travel to Silicon Valley, and study in an international and multicultural environment.


With twenty different countries in Latin America, the B-schools on this list are just a sampling of the region’s offerings. For those looking to immerse themselves in a specific country’s business culture, it may be helpful to look at program rankings within that country. For prospective students interested in an MBA from Europe or the United States with a Latin American focus, there are many global MBA programs with opportunities for multilingual and multicultural education in Miami or Spain. If you want to discuss your options and fine-tune your application, don’t hesitate to reach out to our MBA Consulting Services and schedule an appointment with one of Crimson’s experts. We’re happy to help you out!

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