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Crimson MBA

An elite consulting program guiding your entry

to top US & UK MBA programs

1 in 4

Crimson MBA applicants gain admission to the M7

1 in 5

Crimson MBA applicants gain admission to Top 10 UK programs

nearly 40

acceptances to M7, INSEAD,  IE Spain, &
Top 10 UK programs


acceptances to MBA and related programs in just 3 admissions seasons

What is Crimson MBA?

Founded by Rhodes Scholar, Harvard grad, and Stanford GSB's youngest MBA admit Jamie Beaton, Crimson MBA is a specialized consulting service for young professionals ready to break into the world's top MBA programs. 

With strategic coaching from former CEOs and M7 admissions officers, cross-disciplinary business leaders, and nationally recognized research fellows,  Crimson MBA students receive the latest expert guidance as they select their MBA programs and prepare their applications and interviews.

Submit your CV and target schools to our Strategy team. If one of our experts elects to work with you, they'll share a profile assessment before you choose to sign with us.


Meet your other Crimson tutors (as selected) for targeted support on test prep, job applications, or fellowship applications.


Meet your Strategist more frequently during application season for comprehensive support on crafting essays, preparing interviews, and framing your CVs.

How does Crimson MBA work?


Meet your Strategist 1:1 to assess your profile, goals, and programs suited to both. Discuss strategy regularly for boosting your profile in the 1-3 years prior to applications.

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Our flagship service, featuring mutual pairing with one of our expert strategists and continuous 1:1 support on program selection, candidacy development, and application crafting, including letter of recommendation guidance, interview prep, and multi-stage essay and CV reviews.  

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Internship & Career Mentoring

A supplementary service targeting your professional profile's development, including 1:1 strategic guidance on selecting jobs and internships in line with your candidacy growth and focused application support on crafting your CV and training for interviews.

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Standardized Test Preparation

A supplementary service targeting your readiness for crucial standardized tests like the GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS. Featuring 1:1, test-specific training with our Crimson testing experts.

Why Join Crimson MBA

Selective Matching

At Crimson MBA, we're selective about taking on new applicants. Our experts review your profile before committing to work with you, ensuring that if you work with us you're paired with a niche Strategist confident in your abilities and fully committed to seeing you succeed.

Mentorship from Experts & Leaders

Our Strategists—former CEOs and M7 Admissions Officers, cross-disciplinary entrepreneurs and business leaders, and nationally recognized research fellows—are at the cutting edge of the business realm. These leading minds know what it takes to build a career.

Personalized Programs

In addition to bespoke application guidance, every Crimson MBA student receives a program tailored to their needs. Whether you're looking for preliminary guidance on career direction, comprehensive application support, or targeted test prep and job application coaching, we'll build a program meant for you.

We have the brightest stories

Crimson MBA Stories
Pursuing an MBA in the UK, with Oxford MBA & Crimson Strategist Caitlin Andersen

Pursuing an MBA in the UK, with Oxford MBA & Crimson Strategist Caitlin Andersen

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Getting an MBA with a Former Chicago Booth Admissions Officer

Getting an MBA with a Former Chicago Booth Admissions Officer

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A Day in the Life: Wharton Student at UPenn

A Day in the Life: Wharton Student at UPenn

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Our students have gone on to the world's top MBA programs


Stanford University



University of Chicago Booth

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Columbia University


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Northwestern University


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University of Oxford


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University of London


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Imperial College London



University of Cambridge


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Yale University

School of Management


New York University



Insight from Professionals

With their robust experience and active engagement in the business world, our experts are on the cutting edge of business and industry growth. They'll coach you on developing your candidacy and honing a profile that's not only true to you but also relevant to the times.

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Crimson MBA

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Complete our brief application, sharing your latest CV and transcripts or most recent grades list

Meet Your Strategist

Before signing, you'll meet your potential Strategist and receive their candidacy assessment so you know exactly what's ahead

Begin working with your team

Once you've signed for the program, you'll begin 1:1 meetings with your Strategist and any additional mentors